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k2. Heartbroken dog refuses to tear his gaze away from photo of his departed companion, recognizing his beloved friend even in death.

Devoted Dog Grieves for Beloved Friend in Touching Image, Refusing to Look Away

Dogs are famous for their caring personalities and high emotional IQ. They have a special knack for knowing when someone has passed away and often mourn the loss of their loved ones. A heartwarming instance of this emotional connection was witnessed in Alli Trent’s duo of pups. Alli had two furry friends – her childhood companion Lacy, and a lovable beagle Lola who became part of the family in 2017. Recently, one of the dogs displayed a touching reaction to a picture of their departed pal, showcasing the deep bond between these devoted pets.

The Instagram account the_beagle_lola shared a heartwarming story about how Lola initially wasn’t thrilled about having a new puppy, Lacy, join the family. Despite Lacy’s initial growls, Lola remained calm and patient, taking her as a role model and forming a strong bond with her. Alli, Lola’s owner, revealed to The Dodo that Lola’s admiration for Lacy was evident from the beginning, and they soon became inseparable like sisters.

The family posted on their Instagram page, the_beagle_lola, about how Lola, the beagle, lovingly looked after Lacy, an older dog, as Lacy’s health declined. Sadly, Lacy’s condition took a turn for the worse on Christmas Eve, and she passed away at the age of 14 earlier this month. The family is heartbroken by the loss, mentioning that Lola will also feel the absence of Lacy deeply. Lacy was the queen of their household, and they are struggling to imagine life without her.

Following Lacy’s passing, a touching moment highlighted just how much Lola missed her dear friend. To cherish Lacy’s memory, Alli decided to buy a special tribute: a photo of the beloved pup placed on a shelf in their home. Surprisingly, Lola appeared to be immediately attracted to the image, as if she could feel the presence of her old companion. Sharing the experience on Instagram, Alli stated, “Lola was strangely drawn to it. I never thought she would recognize Lacy in that photo. I change our decor often, and Lola usually doesn’t pay it any mind.” Nonetheless, Lola continued to visit the photo, almost as if she was paying her respects to her departed friend. Alli noticed, “She kept approaching the picture, attempting to reach it while wagging her tail.”

The dog’s mourning process was clear when Alli asked Lola if she missed Lacy and inquired about her whereabouts. Lola immediately ran over to Lacy’s photo. Alli recounted, “Without hesitating, she sprinted to the couch, hopped onto the arm just like in the picture, and nuzzled her nose against the image while wagging her tail as if it were really Lacy.”

It may be hard to believe that dogs can feel grief similar to humans, but this is a common occurrence. There have been many stories of dogs regularly visiting their owners’ graves. In one viral incident, a dog seemed to recognize his late brother in a portrait.

This highlights the deep intelligence and genuine affection that dogs possess, allowing them to miss someone even after they’ve passed away. For Alli, it’s comforting to know that someone else also misses Lacy as much as she does. She shared, “My Lola somehow understands that this is Lacy, and even though my heart hurts from missing her, it’s heartwarming to see Lola still connecting with her through this picture.”

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